Amirmasoud Molaei

Host institutions and supervisors

Karlsruher Institut für Technologie, Prof. Geimer

Novatron Oy, Mr. Kolu

Research project

Work performance evaluation of mobile machines in earth moving tasks by using process models and sensor data – ESR 2

Scientific backgroud

Master of Science in Electrical Engineering (Control Systems) from K. N, Toosi University of Technology, Iran (2020) with title of thesis: “Parameters identification and states estimation of Managed Pressure Drilling”. Bachelor of Engineering- Electrical (Control) from K. N, Toosi University of Technology, Iran (2017) with title of thesis: “State feedback controller design based  on Lyapunov-Krasovski functions for time-delay systems”.


  • Molaei, A., Kolu, A., Lahtinen, K., & Geimer, M. (2023). Automatic estimation of excavator actual and relative cycle times in loading operations. Automation in Construction156, 105080.

  • Molaei, A., Kolu, A., Haaraniemi, N., & Geimer, M. (2023, November). Automatic Estimation of Excavator’s Actual Productivity in Trenching and Grading Operations Using Building Information Modeling (BIM). In Actuators (Vol. 12, No. 11, p. 423). MDPI.

Conference proceedings


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Project Pitch

Video recordings

2023 European Conference on Computing in Construction: Evaluation of deterministic models for the excavator’s theoretical productivity estimation in the digging and trenching operations.

ISARC 2022: An Approach for Estimation of Swing Angle and Digging Depth During Excavation Operation.